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Is your Incentive Program really any incentive?

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Is your employee motivation program stuck in the Dark Ages? Or worse, have you completely shelved your Rewards Program because it wasn't motivating anyone to do anything but leave? The Internet has revolutionized how people shop, why not let it change how you handle employee recognition? Online Rewards can help, they've brought together the largest selection on in demand items available into a comprehensive, and genuinely rewarding Incentive Program. With their tiered services and online catalog including travel, entertainment, gift card and merchandise award options, you can build a custom rewards catalog tailored to your company’s needs. You can even include custom merchandise with your company's logo.

Online Rewards is a business management tool that places the power of the Internet at your disposal for motivating rewards and Employee Recognition. Programs operate online or off, and you can even incorporate interactive voice response telephone tools into your program. You’re not stuck getting a catalog of products that will mean nothing to your employees, either. You can custom build a catalog with your theme, employee demographic, budget and other specific needs in mind. With three main program types, it's easy to find a program for Employee Incentives that suits your needs. The Advantage program is ideal for programs with up to 250 participants and offers a simple, easy to use program to meet your needs. Companies with up to 2,500 participants can get all the benefits of the Advantage program as well as added reporting and customization with the Bulls Eye program. Performance Plus is the program for large consumer or corporate programs and supports a highly scalable program with dynamic participant populations and complex award methodologies.

At the Online Rewards site, you can view demo sites and catalogs, and find more information about Employee Program. You can also check out their full rewards catalog. The catalogs are automatically updated with current product releases and titles, and they can even work with you to offer group travel promotions. Now that sounds like a recognition program that’s really motivating!

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