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The Case of the New Hard Drives

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It was Friday, November 17th at 3pm, the sun was out, but the air was thin, and as I walked into the computer room, there they were on top of my old computers; top of the line Internal Hard Drives, and just waiting for me to put my hands on them.  I had to do a double take because they were all dressed to the nines, like it was the most important day of their life. The sleek packaging and shipping label took me back; like a Christmas present from a long lost relative when I was ten. They shined like new money, like a million dollar necklace around the neck of a billion dollar baby. I spotted the technician across the room and I asked about my laptop: “when will she be ready?” With a broken New York accent and flick of his head in the direction of the Zip Drives, he said “the file transfer goes in later this afternoon.” Right then I knew it was too good to be true; my best laptop computer and I would be an item once again. You see these are no cheap External Hard Drives we’re talking about. They are top of line, mind-blowing, buxom Gigabyte capacity Laptop Hard Drives from Superwarehouse.com because only the best for my girl will do. Right now I need to go back to my desk and calm down, but I would be back to check on her, and make sure everything was square; because she had a job to do.
On Monday I returned to the office, my mind was filled with excitement of seeing her once again. As I rounded the corner my heart began to pound with anticipation; like receiving a big bag of my favorite candy at Halloween. I scanned the room but there was no sign of her. I scanned the room again in hopes that I was mistaken, but I wasn’t, the laptop was missing. I looked for evidence at the scene of the crime. I discovered the discarded package of the Hard Drives in the wastebasket, open, empty and filled with air. I asked myself who could do such a thing? I decided I would interview witnesses, to discover the perpetrator and find out where my life-long partner had gone. I tracked down the technician; he was having coffee in the break room with my laptop in front of him. I asked him if she was alright. He said she was fine and now I knew things were back to normal for her. I left her in the copy room, on stand by, waiting to produce the best work yet. A sigh of relief filled the air, she was back and she was better than ever.
Need a trophy laptop? One that makes you burst with pride? How about an upgrade to a new hard drive? Visit Superwarehouse.com and find your life-long partner or accessories for her today.
 CLICK ONLINE AT SUPERWAREHOUSE.COM OR CALL US TOLL-FREE US 1.800.814.5410 Int'l 858.764.8900 M-F 5am-6pm PST • Sat 9am-3pm PST

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