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Carpe Datum—Computer Forensics seizes the data

You’re looking at a computer and the hard drive has been wiped clean, but you need the information that computer contained for an upcoming court case. What do you do? Simple. You call in a Computer Forensic specialist to perform a computer “autopsy, investigating, gathering and documenting the information you need.

Companies like DataChasers offer a Forensic computer examination tailored to meet the client’s needs. Based on an escalating scale, they start with the basic discovery level, previewing the hard drive, viewing original media, and evaluating potential evidence. Moving up the scale, the standard examination essentially clones the contents of the media and allows for review of both deleted and active data, including text and graphics, with date codes indicating when files were last accessed or modified. The most extensive advanced examination fully investigates trace artifacts, latent evidence, slack and unallocated space and analyzes the media and related evidence within the computer.

If all of that sounds a bit confusing, here’s the simple news, Computer Forensics investigators at DataChasers hold multiple certifications in forensic computer evidence and adhere to a rigorous discipline, preserving the integrity of the investigation and protecting the evidence from corruption and maintaining a documented chain of evidence.

It’s not always about civil or criminal cases, and sometime data recovery alone isn’t enough. Forensic computer evaluation goes much further than mere recovery, and not only recovers deleted or lost files, but also evaluates those hidden spaces on a computer that provide tidbits of data explaining what the computer has been used for, and when. Click Here to find out how computer forensics works.

When you need the information that’s on that computer, whether for a lawsuit, or to recover important business documents; when you need absolute integrity in the recovery of computer data, you can turn to the experts at http://www.datachasers.com/ , a full-service computer forensics and e-discovery company.

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