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While unemployment has been running pretty steady at 5.5% for the last 6 months or so, there are still plenty of job opportunities in the UK, especially for people with the right training and/or education. While there are about 363,000 jobs currently (March 2007) being advertized in the UK, about 158,000 of those are for management or managers. That leaves 205,000 for everything else. Obviously, managers are quite in demand at the moment.

However, there are still plenty of jobs being advertized. But, there is some competition for them. And, it appears that the less education and training is required for a job, the more competition there is for it. Over 75% of the currently advertized jobs in the UK require extended education. So, there is a lot of competition for jobs like sales person and chambermaid (which are at the bottom of the pay scale), but physicians and airline pilots (which are at the top of the pay scales) are jobs which you can get rather easily, if you have the education and training.

Also, the lower paying jobs tend to require you to work more hours per week. However, these low-paying jobs have the advantge that they are fairly regular, and allow you to plan your off-work hours for your personal enjoyment. But then, you have less money to play with during those hours.

It is really an issue of personal preference. If you want a job with less responsibility and more regular hours, then you will be taking a lower paying job that requires minimal education and training. The trick is to find work that you love doing, and then figuring a way to get paid to do it. The money should really be a secondary consideration, hard though that is to believe.

We will be adding articles to this website about jobs and job opportunities in the United Kingdom as time goes on. We hope to be able to tell you about different kinds of jobs that might interest you, and what you need to do to be prepared to apply for them. With good planning and a little luck, you may just find a job that you enjoy, suites your lifestyle and that you can support yourself with. 11930

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